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Manual Opt Out of USAPeopleSearch

1.   Go to the opt-out page on USAPeopleSearch's website:

2.   Input your email into the provided text box, check the boxes agreeing to USAPeopleSearch's guidelines, confirm you are not a robot via the CAPTCHA and click finally click the button to begin the removal process.

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3.   You should be sent to a page similar to USAPeopleSearch's homepage, except you should see the sentence "Please search for the record you would like to remove." Once here, input your full name and location in the provided search bar, then hit "Search".

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4.   You will then be sent to a page containing numerous records of individuals with names similar to yours. Find the record that contains your correct information, being sure to double check your age and address are correct in addition to your name. Once your record is found, click "VIEW DETAILS".

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5.   Once again, confirm that the information contained in the record is correct, and then click "Remove Record". You should be notified that an email has been sent to your inbox after you click to remove your record.

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6.   Find the email in your inbox. Note that it could end up in different areas of your inbox, including the "Promotions" tab in Gmail (which happened to me).

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7.    In the email, click the link they provide.

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You should be sent to a page confirming your opt-out request has been received.