We Remove Your Information From 70+ People Searches and Data Brokers.

Bulk data removal, also known as bulk data opt-out, is our process of removing your personal information from being accessible on the internet. Your information is primarily available through people search sites and data brokers. People search sites are search engines specifically designed to look up information about you. Data brokers sell information to businesses which can be used to spam you with calls and emails.

Preview of DataSeal's data removal card.

Without DataSeal Protection

  • People search websites collectively service tens of millions of searches every month. Personal information such as your address, phone number, or even your credit score may be shown at any time.

  • Data brokers sell billions of records to businesses every month, any one of which may include your personal email address and phone number. This not only creates annoying spam for you, it greatly increases your chance of accidentally falling victim to a disguised scam.

  • To remove your information from the internet, you must tediously visit hundreds of websites and individually submit well-formed data deletion requests . Many sites require back-and-forth verification exchanges, or sneakily try to repackage the data so it no longer matches your request.

  • You must diligently and continuously monitor all website hacks and dark-web data files for your personal information. Not only can these files be difficult to find, decoding them to see if your data is included can sometimes be equally challenging. If your information is included in one of these files and you aren't alerted to it, you are at massive risk of identity theft, insurance fraud, and credit sabotage.

With DataSeal Protection

  • Instantly and automatically submit data deletion requests to 70+ people search sites and data brokers.

  • Sit-back & relax. DataSeal customers enjoy a noticeable decrease in spam calls and emails.

  • Spend your time doing what you enjoy safely in the knowledge that we will actively inform you if your information has been compromised in a data hack.

  • It's not just you. Your whole family can be protected under one DataSeal account.

Free identity risk report when you get started.

DataSeal aggregates the information found in our opt-out scans along with past data breach history, to give you an initial risk level.

Our goal at DataSeal is to ensure every customer has a "safe" score while using our service.