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Manual Opt Out of (2023)

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Search for yourself using one of their search options. Enter as little information as possible and click "Search Now". You can also search using the search box in the top navigation menu.

Step 3: After the search animation completes, you will be brought to a search results page. There may be multiple records that include your information. Next to each record, there is a "See Results" button. For every record that includes your information, you need to right click the button and click "Copy Link Address". Alternatively, you can left click the button and copy the the link address from your URL bar.

Step 4: Go to

Step 5: For every URL you copied from Step 3, fill out Spokeo's opt out form by entering the URL in the first box and your email address in the second box.

Step 6: For every time you submitted the optout form in Step 5, you will receive an automated email from Spokeo's privacy team. Click the second link in the email to complete the Spokeo opt out process.


Frequently Asked Questions About Spokeo

How does Spokeo sell my information?

Spokeo sells your personal information in the form of reports to whoever is searching for you and pays their fee to download the results. 

How does Spokeo get my information?

Spokeo aggregates your personal information from numerous sources. Just like other people search companies some of the information is aggregated through their indexing and saving public records. Another common practice is buying personal information such as emails or phone numbers in the data marketplace or trading with other data companies.