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Manual Opt Out of CheckPeople

Step 1: Go to:

Step 2: Fill out the CheckPeople opt-out form.

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Step 3: Find the record that contains your personal information. Make sure the record is an exact match, and not someone sharing your name.

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Step 4: Verify the information one more time, then fill out the rest of the opt-out form. Make sure you use a valid email, as you will be accessing it in the next step.

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Step 5: Go to your inbox and find the email from CheckPeople. Click "Confirm Opt Out Request".

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Frequently Asked Questions About CheckPeople Opt Out

How long will it take to remove my information from CheckPeople?

CheckPeople's opt-out process should only take you around 5-10 minutes to complete.

When will CheckPeople delete my information from their website?

It should take CheckPeople roughly 5-7 business days to remove your information from their website.

Why do I need to verify my information so many times in the opt-out process?

CheckPeople makes money using your information, so they want to confirm that you are not opting out random people from their website.