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Removing your information from is a bit confusing. Although they have their own website that generates search results like most people search sites, they are owned by Whitepages, meaning they share the same database as Whitepages. Thus, removing your information from Whitepages should also remove your information from You can find our Whitepages information removal guide here if you choose to do it that way.

Where it gets confusing is that has an opt out process on their website separate from Whitepages, where they ask you to pay for the removal of your information. Because of this, I recommend every remove your information from Whitepages instead of paying, but if for some reason that doesn't work here are the steps to remove your information from 411.

1.     Go to the optout page on

2.     Input your information in the provided fields. You can choose to enter either your phone number or name, but I found that entering my name gave better results.

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3.     Find the record that contains your information. There may be several records containing your name, so make sure to check both the provided phone number and street address.

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4.     Here is where the payment process begins. Select your payment product (I recommend the cheapest offer they have), and then click "Continue to Confirmation Page".

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5.     Check the confirmation box, then choose your payment option by clicking on the icon of your choice.

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6.     Input your payment input on the checkout page, and confirm your purchase to finalize the optout process.

Once again, I recommend removing your information from Whitepages before paying for what should be the same outcome.

How long will it take to remove my information from

It should take you roughly 5-15 minutes to complete this opt-out process, although it does depend on how quickly sends you the confirmation email.

When will my information be removed from

Generally speaking, you should expect 411 to take 15-30 business days to remove your information from their website.

Will my information be added back to in the future?

Your information could be added back to in the future, however, there is no guarantee and you will not be notified when it happens. If you want to make sure your personal information stays off their website, you will need to actively monitor it or subscribe to an identity monitoring service like Dataseal.

How does sell my information? offers your information to its users in the form of a report to which will include your personal contact details such as name, address, phone number and other details.

How does get my information? gathers information from various sources across the web in order to compile records of every individual in their database. The majority of this information is found by scraping publicly available resources such as court records, warranty cards, and mortgage deeds, however, they may also purchase bulk data from unofficial websites to further expand their database.