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Manual Opt Out of (2023)

Manual Opt Out of BeenVerified

1.  Go to BeenVerified's opt-out page on their website:

2.  Enter your name and state of residency into the provided boxes and click "Search".

3.  Find the record that contains your personal information. There may be multiple people with your name, so make sure you choose the one that is specific to you. Once you’ve found your record click "Proceed to Opt Out" on the right.

4.  Enter your email and verify that you’re not a robot with the Captcha. Make sure the email you use is one you have access to, as you will get a confirmation email sent to you. Click "Send Verification Email" when you are ready to continue.

5.  Navigate to your inbox and find the email from BeenVerified. Confirm your opt-out request by clicking the green button saying "Verify Opt-Out".

Frequently Asked Questions About BeenVerified

How does BeenVerified sell my information?

BeenVerified is a people search conglomerate that sources its data from public records as well as through purchasing data from other data brokers. BeenVerified currently operates PeopleLooker, NumberGuru, NeighborWho, and of course their flagship website BeenVerified.

How does BeenVerified get my information?

BeenVerified aggregates the majority of its data from publicly available sources. The rest of the data they aggregate from data brokers.