In an age where personal information has become a highly valuable commodity, companies are constantly trading and selling our data to boost their profits. This has led to an alarming increase in identity theft, privacy breaches, and stalking cases, making it more important to take control of our digital footprint. We will go into more detail on a few ways we can protect ourselves and our online identities. 

The rise of data brokers and the erosion of privacy

Data broker firms collect, scrutinize, and market personal data that originates from diverse sources like public documents, online activities, and social media platforms. They then sell this gathered information to various businesses for reasons such as personalized advertising, credit assessment, and background verification. Consequently, our personal details become accessible to those willing to pay for them, creating the potential for privacy violations, identity theft, and other related security hazards.

Opting out: taking control of your personal information

Opt-out services like DataSeal offer a proactive solution to individuals who want to protect their privacy from free people search websites and data brokers. These services help remove your personal information from the internet, making it harder for companies and individuals to access and exploit your data. Note: opt-out services work to remove your information from data brokers and Google. This is not the same as identity monitoring, a reactive service to data breaches and identity theft. 

Benefits of using opt-out services

Diminish identity theft risks: The increasing prevalence of identity theft is concerning and by removing your personal details from online databases, you can substantially lower your chances of falling victim to an attack. Restricting the accessibility of your information makes it more challenging for criminals to assemble your identity and exploit it for deceitful activities.

Safeguard your privacy: With data brokers persistently selling your personal data, control over who accesses your information slips away. Opt-out services empower you to regain that control by eliminating your details from the origin, ensuring that only those with valid reasons can access your private information.

Decrease undesired marketing: A primary motive for companies to purchase personal data is to facilitate targeted advertising. By opting out of these databases, you can reduce the volume of unsolicited ads and promotional content you encounter.

Manage your online presence: In the modern world, your digital footprint carries equal weight as your physical existence. Choosing to opt out of data broker databases allows you to preserve a polished online presence, which is particularly crucial when seeking employment or fostering professional connections.


As the worth of personal information grows in today's world, taking the initiative to defend your privacy and lessen the likelihood of identity theft becomes vital. Services like DataSeal, which help you opt out, present an efficient approach to reestablish control over your individual data, ensuring your privacy is protected, and your digital footprint remains safe in our data-focused era.

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