What is Data Breach Monitoring?

Hundreds of data hacks occur every year. Some affect a small number of users, others like the disastrous Equifax breach affect hundreds of millions of people. When a data hack occurs, whatever information the company had "privately" and "securely" stored on you becomes public knowledge. The information most valuable to hackers includes your credit cards, social security number, and passwords.

When a hack occurs, it is critically important for you to know if you are affected, and what steps you must take to re-secure yourself. That's where DataSeal helps you. When our system detects that your information has been compromised, we immediately send you a breach alert notification with steps you should take to ensure you don't fall victim to identity theft, insurance fraud, or credit card fraud.

Preview of DataSeal's breach alert listing card.
Preview of DataSeal's breach alert details card.

How DataSeal Protects You

  • Get notified immediately when our system detects your information in a data breach.

  • Our dedicated team will walk you through any recommended steps to re-secure your information.

  • It's not just new breaches, it's retroactive! When you sign up, we will check to see if your information has been previously leaked.

Free identity risk report when you get started.

DataSeal aggregates the information found in our opt-out scans along with past data breach history, to give you an initial risk level.

Our goal at DataSeal is to ensure every customer has a "safe" score while using our service.