Using DataSeal
What is DataSeal?

DataSeal is an automatic bulk data opt-out service, removing your information from the largest people search sites and data brokers across the web.

How does DataSeal work?

DataSeal works by submitting opt-out requests on a user's behalf to all of the sites listed on our "Sites We Cover" page. Once we submit the opt-out requests, we continuously monitor these sites and report the opt-out progress back to our users in the DataSeal user dashboard.

Do I need to provide a photo-ID to signup for DataSeal?

No, DataSeal does not require any form of ID. In general, DataSeal will never ask for information other than some basic identifying data such as name, email, age, and address. We only ask for this information to locate your leaked information online.

How do I track my information removal progress?

In our dashboard, you will see every website that has contained or currently contains your personal information. Each website has a designation regarding the opt out status — "Found", "Pending", "Removed", "Verified".

Found – We have confirmed that your information is appearing on said site.
Pending – We completed the opt out process and are waiting for the website to remove your data.
Removed – Your data has been removed from the website.
Verified – One of our team members has manually confirmed that your data is no longer present on the website.

What websites does DataSeal remove my information from?

DataSeal covers a wide range of people searches, data brokers, and public record databases. Our team is constantly adding new businesses that threaten your personal privacy. The sites we currently cover can be found on our sites we cover page.

My Account
Can I upgrade from a monthly plan to an annual plan?

Yes, you can upgrade to a prorated annual plan at any time either through your DataSeal dashboard or by contacting support.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept credit cards, debit cards, and digital wallets. The entire payment process is handled securely through Stripe.

Safety & Security
Can my data re-appear after it has been removed?

Yes, people searches and data brokers frequently update their databases with new records. DataSeal addresses this by continually scanning the internet to see if your data has re-appeared and processes a removal if it has.

Why does my data still show up in Google search results after DataSeal removed it?

Google maintains a list of links separate from the websites publishing your data. It can take Google several days to recrawl the website to discover the information that was once listed is no longer available and remove the page from their results. Our team makes every effort to contact Google in prolonged cases to expedite the recrawl process and request deletion.

What are people searches and data brokers?

People Search – A website that sells or distributes identifying information, focusing on individual sales rather than bulk.

Data Broker – A website/business that sells data in bulk to companies, who use this data for marketing campaigns.